Kimberly Moore-Salas


Kim is born for Naakaii Diné (Mexican People) and from Tsi’naajinii (Black Streak People) clans. Born in Tuba City, maternally from Tolani Lake, AZ located in the southwestern area of the Navajo Nation. Growing up on and off the Navajo Nation, and residing in various tribal communities throughout her life, Kim is passionate about utilizing her education and experience to promote healthy living through kinship values.

Kim has over eight years of experience in peer-counseling, clinical and educational lactation. Kim’s work has been inclusive of Tribal and culturally diverse communities serving the needs of prenatal, newborns, and post-partum mothers and families. Her current work at the hospital with Valleywise Health Medical Center and prior experience in private practice with Arizona Breastfeeding Center is clinically intensive. Kim co-teaches the Indigenous Breastfeeding Counselor training course geared towards American Indian/Alaska Native tribal communities throughout the nation. This course provides foundational lactation education to Native people so that they provide clinical breastfeeding support in their communities. Kim also independently consulted with Changing Woman Initiative out of New Mexico, a free access birth center serving Indigenous women to reproductive wellness. She currently serves, and is one of the first Indigenous woman, on the Board of Directors of the United States Breastfeeding Committee, a non-profit independent organization of more than 50 professionals, educational and government organizations supporting breastfeeding across the nation.  Prior to this new role she was an also active member and served as co-chair planning committee for USBC’s National Conference Convening 2018 in Atlanta, GA.  Kim just ended her two year service as Vice-President for Central Arizona Lactation Consultants of Arizona.
Kim’s extensive experience in this field has led to opportunities in consulting, which along with her husband synthesized their consulting business in Tribal Indemnity. Within three years, Tribal Indemnity has assumed responsibility of complex projects and strategic planning with one of the largest Tribes in Arizona. She recently established her own small business, Indigenous Breastfeeding Az, LLC and is founder of Arizona Intertribal Breastfeeding Coalition.

Kim enjoys spending time with her husband of twenty-three years and three daughters of whom she breastfed until they were 2 years old. She also loves early morning runs, hiking, boxing and yoga.