We are SO excited to announce that 4th Trimester AZ is expanding! In the next month, we are kicking off 2 new 4th Trimester Villages in Chandler/Gilbert and in the West Valley! To find out more, we sat down with Executive Director Dr. Jennie Bever to talk about what this means for our community!

Q: What is a 4th Trimester Village?
Jennie: You’ve heard the saying “it takes a village to raise a child“? For most of us, that village didn’t show up when we had a baby. Our goal is to create these communities of support for new parents, called “Villages,” made up of other parents and caregivers, local businesses, healthcare providers, community centers, and resources in their neighborhoods, so no one has to do this alone!

Q: What do these Villages do?
Jennie: The Villages will meet on a regular schedule to connect parents with each other and share the experience of parenting (both the wins and the challenges) and to invite in local healthcare providers and community resource organizations to share their knowledge.

Q: Where will the Villages be?
Jennie: Right now, all our Villages are meeting online. Once in person meetings become possible, our Community partner AZCEND will host our Chandler/Gilbert Village, and our Community partner Avondale Care 1st Resource Center will host our West Valley Village.

By partnering with local organizations these Villages will serve as local HUBS to families to each other and the organizations who want to help right in their own communities. If you just had a baby, everyone in this Village comes together to support you and connect you to the resources you need.

Learn more about AZCEND here
Learn more about the Avondale Care 1st Resource Center here.